‘Few times my heart ask me, for what good reason I mind of u, why I miss u, why I adore u, why s consider u, why I need u, then my soul answer me it is extremely basic coz I simply cherish u…’

Love SMS

‘A companion gives trust when life is low,

A companion is a spot when u has nowhere go,

A companion is fair a companion is genuine,

A companion is valuable, and that companion is you.’

Love SMS

Love SMS I could write you a million words
and not a single one of them
would be able to describe
how much you mean to me..!!

Love SMS

Meri ankhon mai jhank ker dekho
bas tum hi tum dikhaaii deti ho
kitna hi shor merey atraaf mai ho
mujhey bas tum sunaaii deti ho..!!

Love SMS Urdu Poetry SMS

♥ She Was Happier Than Ever,

Sitting There; Her Head On His Shoulder

Her Fingers Linked With His … ♥

Love SMS

The Cutest
Proposal of d World from a cute Girl to a Boy…….

Girl- “Hey, I have lost my SurName….
Can I use Urs”….=)…

Love SMS

I took All The Pain Killers
Coz I Wanted To Wash Away My Pain
But One Thought Of U
And It Hurts All Over Again. .

Love SMS

Be Khaber Apne Dil Se Tu Bhi Nahi Main Bhi Nahi,
Ye Or Baat Hai Manta Dil Ki Tu Bhi Nahi Main Bhi Nahi,
Ab Dekhiye Kya Hota Hai Anjaam Dono Ka Dono Hain Sheesha Mizaaj,
Toot Ker Jurne Wala Tu Bhi Nahi Main Bhi Nahi. LOVE U JANU !!!

Love SMS

Best Catching Line …

You Look Almost

…The Only Thing
I Can See
That’s Wrong Is Your

They Are Not Touching
Mine … ^_^

Love SMS

At this moment 4.7 million r working,

2.3 millon r sleepin;

2.1 million r watching TV

‘n’ only 1 CUTE HEART in the whole world

iz reading My SMS.

Cho Chweet!

Love SMS